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The Master of Saint Andrew’s Lodge is entitled, as the Master of the oldest lodge in the jurisdiction, to the honour of carrying the Book of Constitutions in all Masonic processions, when the Grand Master or Deputy Grand Master is present;  his place in the procession is immediately before the Grand or Deputy Grand Master.


The officers of Saint Andrew’s Lodge are entitled to wear gold chain collars.


Past Masters of the Lodge are entitled to wear gold squares on their aprons, instead of rosettes.


All members of Saint Andrew’s are entitled to wear aprons trimmed with Grand Lodge Blue, gold tassels and buttons; and to add or overlay the blue trimmings with two strips of gold soutache a quarter inch apart.


The colours of the Lodge are deep Royal Blue and Gold.


All members of the Lodge are entitled to wear the 1768 Centenary Jewel as granted under warrant by the United Grand Lodge of England in 1871, the Lodge has been, for upwards of one hundred years, on the roll of several Grand Lodges of England.  This Centenary Warranty is still in the possession of the Lodge.


All members of the Lodge are entitled to wear the 250-Year Jewel struck in 2000 to commemorate the Lodge having been in existence and meeting regularly since 1750.

St. Andrew's Lodge Past Master's Apron
St. Andrew's Lodge No 118 1768 Centenary
Saint Andrew's Lodge 250 Year Jewel
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