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To the Brethren

Greetings, I insist on saying thank you in trusting and electing me Worshipful Master of St. Andrew’s Lodge No. 1 for the coming year.

I have been learning tremendously about Freemasonry since my initiation, and strive to seek more light as my journey moves forward.

It is my intent to learn as much as possible through our meetings, education, and through traveling. Our lodge is filled with passion and Masonic light, which is encouraging to pursue our journey. The wealth of knowledge within our Lodge is exceptional, and I intend to learn from our Past Masters and brethren as much as possible.

The Lodge activities, the Mentorship Program, and education are terrific; therefore the work instilled by Past Masters will be kept and not forgotten. I will do my best to honour their work and dedication by carrying them on in the 2019 program.


Wor. Bro. Alex Provencher

Worshipful Master,

St. Andrew’s Lodge No 1


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